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Legal Online Sports Betting is coming to Ontario in 2022

On November 26, 2020, the Federal government announced that they intend to table legislation that will make single-event sports betting legal in Canada.  In June 2021, the passing of bill C-218 by parliament made things official. The provinces are now able to govern this area as they see fit for their citizens.  

Ontario already has plans to allow for new online gaming providers to serve its population with a fully uncapped licensing framework that will allow for the ultimate level of competition in the market. Given that so many online bookmakers served Canada & Ontario from the unofficial ‘gray market’, many of these same companies will certainly look to apply for licenses so that they may bring all their existing Ontario customers into the regulated market with all the benefits of local taxes, testing & responsible gaming requirements.  

All told, it appears as though there might be over 50 legal Ontario sportsbooks at the time of market launch in 2022. There will be plenty of developments on sports betting news in Canada as the other provinces watch how the Ontario market unfolds. We could see some provinces join with Ontario, or look to form their own licensing frameworks for their own market. Be sure to keep abreast of all the latest.

About My Sportsbook List:

If I researched 20 international sportsbook brands, and 17 of them don’t measure up from my Canadian perspective, do you need to know about the 17? Would you read all 20 reviews and then sign up with the 15th best site?  Of course not!  Simple is best.

Why might I reject a certain site?  Poor payout record like withholding player funds or limiting bets of winning players, not offering CAD wagering, or not offering mobile betting.

That’s why I only list the best sportsbooks for Canadians.  Other sites make you read a massive list and give phoney grades or ratings. Each site I list gets a checkmark for my review criteria, but they are each different in their offerings.  Read the reviews and choose based on your own preferences and requirements, not a bogus rating scheme or star ratings.  

Why switch to a Sportsbook?

Proline odds yield the lowest payouts available to the Canadian sports bettor - I show you how to win 40% to 80% more money with the exact same picks:

On November 22, 2012 I did my first apples-to-apples comparison of the Proline odds offered by OLG and a top online sportsbook.  I went to the Proline website and created a "Point Spread" ticket, and an "Over/Under" ticket and compared them to equivalent online sportsbook betting tickets. Here are the stunning results:

For the "Point Spread" Proline ticket, I picked a two game parlay.  Regardless of the teams selected, Proline gave 2 to 1 odds.  With a $20 wager, the potential payout was $40.  Picking the same two teams from the online sportsbook (Oakland +8.5 and Tennessee -3.5), I was given odds of 3.64 to 1.  For the exact same $20 wager, I would win $72.80 or 83% more (over $32 more) by using the online sportsbook.

For the "Over/Under" ticket, I picked three “Overs” for Buffalo vs. Indianapolis, Oakland vs. Cincinnati and Denver vs. Kansas City.  With my $20 stake, the combined odds for the Proline "Over/Under" ticket were 4.35 for a total potential payout of $20 X 4.35 = $87.00.  When I made the EXACT same ticket at the online sportsbook, I got odds of 6.96 & a potential payout of $20 X 6.96 = $139.20.  For the exact same $20 wager, my potential payout was 60% higher ($52.20 more) by playing with the online sportsbook.

Have a quick look at the best Canadian online sportsbooks below & read my full sportsbook reviews.  The numbers don't lie.  Visit these sportsbooks yourself to compare their ticket to your Proline ticket without having to register.  

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Once you see the difference in payouts, you will register immediately.  Think about it - as a Canadian in 2014, you're securely banking & shopping online because it saves you time & money.  So why would you continue to bet on sports like it's 1993 with low Proline odds when you can get superior betting odds to win 40% to over 80% more for your money, faster with an online sportsbook?  See my blog updates at right for the most current Proline versus Sportsbook payout comparisons or read more about each site with my side-by-side detailed sportsbook reviews.

Need more reasons to switch to an online sportsbook beyond better-paying odds?  Read on:

Wager on single games:  

Are you tired of winning the first 4 games on your Proline ticket only to lose out on the last result?  When you bet single games, this will never happen again.  Our sportsbooks allow single game betting as well as parlays with better odds than Proline.

More sports on which to wager:

Want to bet on Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, College Sports, MMA Fights, boxing, horses and more?  The best online sportsbooks take wagers on them all and take bets in so many different ways, bet against the spread, the totals (over/under), moneyline or any number of game or player prop bets.  Your choices are nearly limitless.

Leading edge technology saves your valuable time:

Hate having to rush over to the convenience store to get your Proline ticket before your games start?  It’s not very convenient at all really.  Using an online sportsbook allows you to bet when you want, where you want.  They have intuitive betting platforms for your PC or mobile device that are super easy to use.   You can fund your account with your credit card or by any one of several easy to use online payment methods similar to Paypal.

Bet live in play:

Have you ever been too late to get your Proline ticket?  That won’t ever happen with sportsbooks because they allow you to bet in play, during the game.  This both ensures that you never miss a bet, plus it can further enhance your enjoyment of the game because you can double up, or win back what you might lose.

There are so many benefits in switching to any of the most reputable sportsbooks for Canadians.  

I know change is difficult sometimes, but when the benefits are this great, change is warranted on your part. For more, read about Proline vs online betting.  To help ease your transition into the switch, I’ve included information on this site about how to get started betting online and I teach you about how sportsbook bonuses work in addition to why it is so important to choose a sportsbook that allows Canadian Dollar betting.

Want the best sportsbook that is both located and regulated in Canada?

Visit best sports betting Canada to find out.